Team Veil Or Team No Veil?

We are obviously always going to be Team Veil at Oscar & Ivy Bridal but with so many brides forgoing tradition and with the increasing popularity of floral crowns and hair pieces how do you decide to veil or not to veil?

Steeped in traditions going back to the Roman times, the bridal veil has come a long way since its somewhat scary beginnings. The original veil was a piece of red fabric that covered the bride from head to toe in an attempt to ward off evil spirits. Many years and ever evolving traditions later the modern day veil is no longer a must on your big day. We personally love that even the simplest of veils can turn a wedding dress into a dramatic work of art. Never underestimate the power of a simple, tulle, cathedral length veil.

If your almost certain you're team no veil, we always recommend trying on at least one veil once you've found your dream dress even just to completely rule out a veil so you can have a look at your other options such as a floral crown. Make sure you have someone with you to take a picture (if the store allows photos) of your veil and dress from all angles, you'll be able to see what a statement a veil can make from photos rather than just seeing it in the mirror. 

With wedding dress trends changing faster than ever before, a veil is a timeless accessory that can be a keepsake passed down to your children on their big day (we can dream!). 





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