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La Pearla Hair Beads

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Create the floating scattered pearl effect spearheaded by celebrity hair stylist Justine Harjan with our La Pearla Hair Beads. 


"I use lash or hair glue with tweezerman tweezers to gently pick up pearls, dip them in glue, [and] then place them on the hair," she shares.
"A key tip is to make sure the glue has dried a little so that it's tacky, and to only use the smallest amount. Clean the tweezers between each pearl because if any glue gets on them the pearls won't release into the hair, and it becomes a gluey mess," Marjan explains.
As for the 'floating' effect, the key is in the colour of the glue. "Use dark glue for dark hair and use a clear or white glue for blonde," she advises.
La Pearla Hair Beads contain pearl beads in five different sizes (approx. 4mm-10mm). Adhesive is not included.